A very resistant insulation of geosynthetic materials that is artificial and does not exist naturally and is made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymers, which is inexpensive to prepare and has a long lifespan.
The advantage of using it in old and traditional ways such as stone, cement, concrete, Qirguni and Isogam is that it does not need infrastructure.

Insulation is suitable for earthen, cement pools, tanks containing water reserves and chemical substances, isolation against the infiltration of liquids and underground structures of water and sewage, landfill sites and agriculture, which is used to ensure the non-infiltration of water from geotextile sheets under the sheet. Impermeable geomembranes are used.

Implementation steps of a water storage tank project with geomembrane sheets

  1. earthworks (excavation)
  2. Substrate operation
  3. sheet installation (cutting and spreading and initial connection)
  4. The pool is ready to drain

Applications of geomembrane insulation

  • Agricultural water storage pools
  • Storage pools for industrial and chemical liquids
  • Aquatic breeding ponds
  • Educational recreational pools
  • Industrial and mining ponds and lagoons
  • Wastewater ponds (landfill)
  • Building foundation isolation
  • Isolation of effluent and wastewater lagoons of petroleum and petrochemical industries
  • Covering the water transfer channels of Qanat
  • Covering traffic tunnels and metro
  • Isolation of mineral extraction heaps
  • Implementation of urban green space projects, roof garden

How to install geomembrane sheets:

  1. Excavation and bed preparation
  2. Digging a trench to restrain the sheet
  3. Spreading and welding of sheets
  4. Final extruder and dewatering works
  5. Ensure no leakage

Absan prefabricated pools:

  • Provider of all types of aquaculture services
  • Designing and setting up of aquaculture farms
  • Design and production of prefabricated metal pools in different designs and dimensions
  • Design, production and supply of all kinds of aquaculture equipment
  • Preparation and supply of all kinds of fry (sturgeon, cold water, warm water and ornamental)

Advantages of using geomembrane insulation

Transferring water resources to desert areas due to the water resource crisis, despite the difference in day and night temperatures and the presence of strong solar radiation that reduces the lifespan of concrete materials, geomembrane sheets can be used.

The newest method of building pools without the need for building materials and concrete, at the same time they are cheaper and geomembrane and geotextile sheets can be used.

Due to its polyethylene structure, geomembrane is a neutral material that is not combined with any other material and finally moss does not stick to it.

Absan Bespar Company, the operator and supplier of geomembrane panels with the highest quality and the most suitable price, provides services in cash and installments throughout the country for the insulation of the following items:

  • Agricultural water storage pool
  • Industrial pools
  • Fish breeding ponds
  • Recreational pools
  • Water transfer channels
  • Artificial lakes
  • Isolation of construction pits
  • Oil ponds and waste disposal
  • Insulation of old concrete pools
  • Has a 10-year warranty
  • With an experienced and expert team
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